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Jane Sedgwick - Drop Earrings - Red Cone

Jane Sedgwick

Drop Earrings - Red Cone

Mixed Materials

Ref: 104903

4 x 2 cms


Jane Sedgwick

Jane makes wooden jewellery, combining playful geometric forms, repetition and a bold use of colour. Jane is based near the coast, where she manages a small woodland which provides a sustainable supply of timber for her work.

Combining traditional woodworking methods such as woodturning and carving along with textile techniques such as weaving and knotting, Jane explores colour and surface finishes and likes to balance the tones of natural wood against vibrant coloured surfaces. Natural cordage and narrow fabrics are used for threading and linking bead forms.

Jane's current range is influenced by classic educational toys, which focus on developing basic skills such as dexterity and counting through play. More generally she is inspired by the multidisciplinary approach of modernist movements such as the Bauhaus, whilst also drawing on more utilitarian or decorative sources such as folk art and costume.

Jane is based in North Norfolk.

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