New Ashgate Gallery champions the best of contemporary art and craft providing an unparalleled resource in Farnham, Surrey and beyond

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New Ashgate Gallery curates a programme of 25 annual exhibitions and related events, often working in partnership with local and national art organisations. In addition to our lead exhibitions in the Pavilion Gallery, affortable Craft Collection, Maker in Focus and projects in the Balcony Gallery are worth the visit. 

While we also show work by established artists, supporting emerging talent in the market place is close to our heart.

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The Jewellers and Silversmiths Network (JSN): Message - Beyond Adornment

Dani Crompton

  • JSN

26 April to 7 June 2014

The Jewellers and Silversmiths Network (JSN): Message - Beyond Adornment

Members of the Jewellers and Silversmiths Network (JSN) have looked at the concept of 'Message - Beyond Adornment' in their designs that is more than just decorative and to express a range of 'messages' that are environmental, social, personal or philosophical.

The Jewellers and Silversmiths Network is a group run by and for its members with the aim of strengthening links and opportunities between makers in the local area around Farnham and Surrey. The skills and use of materials of the members are diverse and numerable, creating a dynamic selection of pieces. The exhibition will present work by Dani Crompton, Poppy Porter, Rebecca Skeels, Ruta Brown, Sarah Broadhead, Chantal Walters and Janet Richardson.

In addition to the pieces created by the members of the group, the exhibition involves the public by inviting them to expressing their views through jewellery. They are asked to design and submit a reversible necklace that says 'I Agree' on one side and 'I Disagree' on the other; terminology commonly used in today's world of international social media. The necklaces will then be swapped among the participants.

Emma Dunbar: A few of my favourite things

Primulas and peppers, 61 x 61cm, acrylic on board

26 April to 14 June 2014

Emma Dunbar: A few of my favourite things

Emma Dunbar is in conversation with Norma Corkish, Chair of New Ashgate Trustees, 25 April, 5.30-6pm. Free admission.

A much-awaited solo exhibition by Emma Dunbar brings colour and bold forms to New Ashgate Gallery.

Emma's paintings have been painted in Hampshire and Cornwall. She gathers ingredients from landscape to create colourful and recognisable paintings. Her attraction to colour and the decorative qualities in everyday objects provide the foundation for her art.

Emma works on board in acrylic, occasionally incorporating collage with gold and silver leaf. Her training as a printmaker is evident both in the use of blocks of flat colour and in the scratches through surfaces that reveal pre-laid colours underneath. Her influences come from Cornish holidays, cats and children wandering onto wet paint, beautiful fruits in the greengrocer and her growing collection of cups, mugs and jugs. Emma's paintings have been internationally reproduced in greetings cards, posters, limited edition etchings and fabric designs. Emma describes her pictures as though they were a stage set: a jug of favourite anemones taking centre stage while other elements and set back in their plane as painted flats to create distant views.

Emma says:
What excites me about making a painting is trying to capture the essence of a place, a feeling, a thing.' Graphic accuracy is not something pursued. The viewer is offered an edited version of the colours with flattened fruit, red and orange boats might be relocated next to each other to form stripes on a beach while bold bunches of flowers appear on what we know is a table or windowsill in the foreground.

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Ashraf Hanna: Maker in Focus

Ashraf Hanna: Two Vessels

26 April to 7 June 2014

Ashraf Hanna: Maker in Focus

Ashraf Hanna is an internationally acclaimed ceramic artist whose work is concerned with exploring how scale, colour, texture and material inform our perception and understanding of form. The space an object occupies through its scale has a significant role in determining our relationship with it. Colour, whether bright, soft, intense or vivid has a powerful effect in defining its character. Textural treatment invites us to examine the tactile qualities of the surface and how this influences our ability to read and comprehend a form. This is further emphasised when choosing the material, solid, dense ceramics or translucent glass.

Ashraf is interested in lines and spaces that develop through manipulation of the volume within forms and also their relationship to one another. The interaction between sharp and organic lines creates subtle and sometimes pronounced curves that invite the eye to engage with the sculptural aesthetics of the form.

Summer Craft Collection: Summer Treats

Peter Layton, Beach group

10 May to 10 August 2014

Summer Craft Collection: Summer Treats

The Summer Craft Collection brings an exciting display of summer treats by a variety of emerging and established contemporary makers. Original, beautiful and affordable jewellery, textiles, ceramics and glass carefully handpicked by the gallery team to reflect a range of contemporary practices.

A special feature will focus on the work by Peter Layton, the glass maker with an excellent reputation for versatility in design and the innovative use of material and technique, including blowing, kiln forming and casting to create architectural elements and sculptures that enrich the spaces for which they are conceived. Also presenting new work by Vicki Ambery-Smith, Lydia Barclay, Ciara Bowles, Fliff Carr, Justine Free, Emily Gliddon, Meg Green, Catherine Hicks, Akiko Hirai, Sian Hughes, Marie Krazizky, Melissa Simpson, Rosie Sutcliffe, May Wild Ceramics and Emma Williams.

Lucy Burley: Maker in Focus

Lucy Burley, earthenware group

14 June to 26 July 2014

Lucy Burley: Maker in Focus

After studying Ceramics at Wimbledon and Camberwell Art Schools, Lucy Burley moved out of London and works from a studio in the Hampshire countryside, an environment that she finds a great source of inspiration.

Responding to the changes in seasons, Lucy creates a feeling of harmony through simple forms and a broad but delicate colour palette. Bowls, jugs and bottles are thrown on the wheel using white earthenware clay. Lucy finishes the vessels with a smooth earthenware glaze of her formulation, which gives an eggshell like texture. The work has a sense of timeless simplicity intended to be both decorative and functional.

Lucy's ceramics are partly inspired by the still life paintings of Italian artist Giorgio Morandi, whose work featured groups of vessels and were noted for their tonal subtlety. Lucy uses various tones of specific colours, aiming to create related vessels that have the same sense of belonging to a family.

Hothouse 4: New Ashgate Selects

21 June to 2 August 2014

Hothouse 4: New Ashgate Selects

In 2013, Crafts Council announced 38 makers for its six-month Hothouse programme from January 2014, which is delivered in partnership across four regions: the South West, North, South East and Midlands. Alongside the Craft Study Centre, Farnham and Making Space, Havant, New Ashgate Gallery has been supporting the programme of emerging makers in the South East.

Celebrating the talent in the programme, New Ashgate Gallery invites twelve makers, three from each cohort to exhibit in the gallery's summer exhibition that will focus on bespoke, collectable crafts, priced £1,000 or less. While showcasing the work, the exhibition will also be a collector opportunity for those who wish to buy the work and invest in new talent.

We are delighted to announce that the twelve makers selected for the exhibition are Jenny Ayrton, Elaine Bolt, Sarah Brown, Sue Brown, Marie Canning, Adam Collins, Katharina Eisenkoeck, Elaine Jenkins, Alex McCarthy, Imogen Noble, Paula Ortega and Stephanie Tudor.

Denise Franklin: Light - Water - Passage

Denise Franklin: After Storm

28 June to 2 August 2014

Denise Franklin: Light - Water - Passage

Denise was born in Boston USA and studied at the London Guildhall University where she gained a BA and MA in fine art.

Denise mainly works in oil and acrylics on canvas and paper and enjoys the instinctive way the work comes through during the processes. The work keeps a sense of depth but with a subtle feel. The method used for both oil and acrylic mediums are similar, approaching the work with an instinctive objective allowing for the image to evolve creating a balanced empathy between the colours and surface plains. The paint is worked in stages allowing layers of colour to come though creating rich textures thus forming an element of ambiguity which has been an important focus of her work.

Recently Denise has turned her attention to painting abstract seascapes and the image of the boat in a pure tranquil form creating an almost fragile and ethereal quality to the work. The canvases have developed an unconscious quality releasing the canvas from restraints and allowing the work to develop naturally.

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