New Ashgate Gallery champions the best of contemporary art and craft providing an unparalleled resource in Farnham, Surrey and beyond

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Autumn season of exhibitions and events

Highlights include Surrey Artist of the Year Competition, Rachel Mulligan Stained Glass, Judith Needham: Maker in Focus and October Craft Month

Normal Gallery Open Times: Tue - Sat 10am - 5pm

Christmas Open Times:  15 Nov - 24 Dec: Mon - Sat 10am - 5pm, Sun 11am - 4pm  (Closed Mon 16 Nov, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day)

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New Ashgate Gallery curates a programme of more than 30 annual exhibitions and related events, often working in partnership with local and national art organisations. In addition to our lead exhibitions in the Pavilion Gallery, affortable Craft Collection, Maker in Focus and projects in the Balcony Gallery are worth the visit. 

While we also show work by established artists, supporting emerging talent in the market place is close to our heart.

20 November 2015 to 9 January 2016

Winter Craft Collection 2015

This winter season the New Ashgate Gallery has chosen a wonderful and diverse collection of ceramics, wood, basketry, jewellery and glass. The exhibition presents both established and emerging artists which include:
Ceramics: Richard Baxter, Helen Beard, Rowena Brown, Vanessa Bullick, Rebecca Callis, Fiona Findlay, Hyu Jin Jo, Jaroslav Hrustalenko, Taz Pollard, Katie Timson and Emily Wiles
Jewellery: Ellis Mhairi Cameron , Annie Cracknell , Megan Collins, Ebba Goring, Nuala Jamison, Bea Jareno, Jennifer Saker, Annie Ruthven Taggart and Liz Willis
Glass: Peter Layton, Lisa Pettibone, Will Shakspeare,
Sculpture: Jane Crisp, Richard Jack, John Maltby, Faye Mayo, Jane Muir and Jenny Southam

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Christmas Exhibition

Tessa Pearson, painting

21 November 2015 to 9 January 2016

Christmas Exhibition

The New Ashgate Gallery will be hosting an exciting exhibition of fine arts for this Christmas period. We have new artists that include: Chris Pig (black and white linocuts), Vince Bridgman (geometric watercolours), Charlotte Gerrard (quirky screen-prints), Angela Thames (linocuts), Kim Cody (abstract landscape paintings), Annabel Collins (illustrations), Martin Henley (etchings) and Debbie George (still life paintings)

Old favourites will be returning: John Maltby (sculpted figures), Richard Jack (woodblock prints and sculptures), Tessa Pearson (watercolours), Tim Southall (etchings) and Trevor Price (figurative etchings)
Please note Christmas Exhibition Open Times: Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm, Sunday 11am - 4pm

Private View Friday 20/11/2015 6pm-8pm

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21 November 2015 to 9 January 2016

Maker in Focus: Sasha Wardell

The New Ashgate Gallery is delighted to have in the spotlight Sasha Wardell, This prestigious maker's work is international recognised by collectors and aspiring artists. This Christmas season will see a new collection of vessels and lights, perfect gift for a loved one.

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21 November 2015 to 9 January 2016

Contemporary Textiles

This Christmas season sees an exceptional collection of textile work by local and national makers. Included in this Balcony gallery showcase are quirky textile sculptures by Jule Mallett and Corinne Young. Jule's take on animating owl's is humorous complimented by Corinne's' faux taxidermy of deer's and hares. Work will be bold and intricate, from scarves, ties to detailed walled based maps. There will be something to suit all tastes, perfect for gifts or a treat for yourself

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Peter Jackman : Northern Landscapes, mixed media original printmaking

  • PJ1

15 January to 27 February 2016

Peter Jackman

Much loved favourite of New Ashgate Gallery offers a new collection of paintings and original prints to kick start 2016
Peter's drawings and paintings are interpretations of landscapes and objects within the landscape in a semi abstract form. They represent my impressions and reactions to particular places and objects. They are developed from sketches, photographs and memories: which, through stages of drawings and over drawing, with layers or various media, tend to become more abstract as the work evolves. As each piece progresses the work becomes its own reference, where the original source image may just be represented in the form of some particular shape, texture or colour.

Peter also attempts to render an image that portrays something of his personal reaction to a particular place or scene. His current work is a result of recent visits to the north and south of Iceland. The landscape there is physically and visually challenging and as a result Peter has found his mark making and colour palate has become more robust as a result.

Stuey B

15 January to 27 February 2016

Stuey B

STUEY B, a filmmaker, making short films for luxury brands like McLaren, The Balvenie and Vita Gottlieb.

His fine art photographic practice is concerned with helping us to STOP... and step off the furious spinning of the modern world. A quiet contemplation and simple study of the ordinary things we miss as we sprint through life.

"Every day I fight the way the modern world forces time on me. Wellwhat I actually fight is other people's rapid pace.
I'd rather be deep in the moment. That means getting into fewer things, but experiencing them on a much deeper level.
This is at total odds with how we live today. Experiences now are as disposable as our ready-meals and time-saving devices. So I find myself zagging when the majority are zigging.

Stuey has exhibited in Farnham, Guildford and London, and his first series 'Still in motion' won an international prize for B&W portfolio of the year in 2014. He has studied under Ralph Gibson, one of the world's greatest living photographic artists, and his daily photography blog is followed by over 8,500 fans across the word.

East Surrey Collective

15 January to 27 February 2016

East Surrey Collective

A dynamic of six artists come to New Ashgate Gallery this January. All based in the East of Surrey, there is an exciting mix on offer.
We are delighted to welcome Joseph Harrington whose work is shown internationally, won numerous awards, most recently the Craft & Design award at the International Festival of Glass Biennale 2013. Striking glass landscapes looking at erosion as a spectacle of discovery and generation of form, revealing a sense of the history and movement of a place.

Complimenting Joseph's work are Lesley Jones paintings and Bill Hall's etchings. Lesley achieves exquisite technique in her angelic paintings, depicting the essence of the landscape and bringing calm to the viewer, whilst Bill's etchings offer simple observations that tell intriguing stories.

Heidi Harrington's screen-printed ceramic designs are inspired by both the movement and stillness in nature combined with an enjoyment of the traditional depictions of landscape on ceramic objects for interiors.

Bringing more dialogue to the show are Marilyn Kyle's prints and installation pieces, exploring the contradictions within the lives of most families: the joys and the sadnesses.

The final member is Adam Green, his paintings are novel yet sophisticated. The continued presence of ornamental, hypnotic patterns draw from his love of Mexican and African iconography. He takes alternative reference from vintage commercial images, pulling together diverse elements to achieve a quirky, but dynamic composition. Humour flows throughout all of his work, giving the underlying complexity a more approachable edge.

Kate Schuricht: Maker in Focus

16 January to 27 February 2016

Kate Schuricht: Maker in Focus

Kate Schuricht is an established British ceramic artist working in raku and stoneware. She studied Three Dimensional Design at the University of Brighton, specialising in ceramics and visual research.

After graduating in 1996, Kate was selected for an international ceramic residency in Japan, where she worked alongside established Japanese, Korean and American artists. On her return, Kate set up her business at Cockpit Arts, London, where she was based for nearly 10 years.

Now a Professional Member of the Crafts Potters Association, Kate has completed commissions for a number of private and public collections, including British Airways, the British Embassy in St Petersburg, Craftspace and Cowley Manor. Her work is collected worldwide and features in several printed publications and films

Rising Stars 2016

4 March to 16 April 2016

Rising Stars 2016

A showcase of stunning creativity in the UK today.

This exhibition is a great opportunity for any aspiring artist or maker wishing to gain publicity, exposure in a commercial gallery, professional development for their art practice, professional mentoring, bursary award and networking opportunities with other artists and makers.

With special thanks to Billmeirs Charitable Trust and University of Creative Arts Farnham, we can provide this opportunity for free to all our applicants.

Many of our successful Rising Stars applicants go on to Crafts Council initiatives such as Hothouse and many more other great opportunities

  • Emily Gardiner By Libi Pedder070

5 March to 16 April 2016

Emily Gardiner : one year on

Rising Stars Winner 2015
We are delighted to host a new collection of work by Emily Gardiner, a year on from winning Rising Stars 2015. Her work is superbly made and full of humour and question, bringing ceramics to life.

Rural and Urban perspectives: A photographer's view

23 April to 4 June 2016

Rural and Urban perspectives: A photographer's view

Five photographers have come together to showcase their perspective on urban and rural settings. Dynamic, stylish and very desirable work.

Fifty Years

10 June to 23 July 2016

Fifty Years

Celebrating 50 years since the Ashgate Gallery came to Waggon Yard. We promise you a showcase of past, present and future artists and makers representing the gallery.
We are inviting members of the public to come forward and reminisce any stories about their memories of the gallery from 1966, to get in contact email

Hothouse 6 : Showcasing the best makers in UK today

30 July to 10 September 2016

Hothouse 6 : Showcasing the best makers in UK today

This showcase will demonstrate the value and importance of innovative handmade craft. Hothouse 6 offers a vital stepping stone for craft artists wishing to break into the sector. As a result, the selected makers will soon be snapped up by prestigious retail outlets and manufacturers and soon to be occupying the shelves of the likes of Liberty London or Harrods.

Hothouse 6 is a Crafts Council initiative where selected makers take part in the six-month programme which is delivered in partnership across four regions in the UK.

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