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Meryl Till

Lamp - Bubble

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Meryl Till

Meryl Till specialised in handmade porcelain ceramic lighting with decorative textured surfaces that create beautiful atmospheric lighting.

Meryl was known both for her style and technique. Porcelain clay has translucent properties that lend themselves to lighting. The lighting consists of fine sheets which are assembled into cylindrical towers. The pieces vary in their surfaces treatment. Some have structured patterns, which are pierced to project light onto the surroundings. Others focus on the varying thickness of clay, allowing differing intensities of light to pass through and so enhances the texture.

During her life, Meryl worked as a ceramics teacher and a lecturer. She had many exhibitions and won several awards such as the BT newcomers Innovation Award and the Development Award, East Midlands Art.

A donation to Greenpeace, Meryl's charity of choice, will be made on each purchase.

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