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Summer Craft Collection

20 April to 31 August 2019

Summer Craft Collection

Our specially selected craft collection includes a delightful and varied collection of ceramics, jewellery, and textiles by makers which include; Richard Baxter, Jenny Chan, Ken Eardley, Alysa Freeman, Diane Griffin, Rebecca Halstead, Helen Harrison (Kilnworks), Abigail Marsh, Tessa Pearson, Mitch Pilkington, Catherine Rua, Katalin Szallas, Yo Thom and many more

Free family workshops: Crafting Flowers & Celebrate Farnham in Bloom with Us. Join us for a drop-in session at Picnic in the Park, Gostrey Meadows, 30 June, supported by Farnham Town Council.

Rowena Gilbert - Stem Vase - Jungle, teal

Rowena Gilbert

Stem Vase - Jungle, teal


Ref: 96957


Rowena Gilbert

Searching for the perfect fusion of strong design, innovative style and spontaneous expression. The clay vessel is my canvas; bold, strong, simple and unfussy in form. Layers of clay echo periods of time, memories; slow, controlled, ordered. The surface evokes moods, tensions, actions, reactions.

My pots and bowls are slip-cast using a fine white clay body or I have added metal oxides to produce red and black clay bodies. The coloured clay layers (additions of metal oxides for reds and blacks) are brushed on or inlaid in incised lines and marks. I bisque fire to 1000C then mask areas on the outside of the pot/bowl using wax or paper resist, glazing the unmasked areas with a transparent gloss with the final firing at 1120C or 1220C.

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