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Summer Craft Collection

20 April to 31 August 2019

Summer Craft Collection

Our specially selected craft collection includes a delightful and varied collection of ceramics, jewellery, and textiles by makers which include; Richard Baxter, Jenny Chan, Ken Eardley, Alysa Freeman, Diane Griffin, Rebecca Halstead, Helen Harrison (Kilnworks), Abigail Marsh, Tessa Pearson, Mitch Pilkington, Catherine Rua, Katalin Szallas, Yo Thom and many more

Free family workshops: Crafting Flowers & Celebrate Farnham in Bloom with Us. Join us for a drop-in session at Picnic in the Park, Gostrey Meadows, 30 June, supported by Farnham Town Council.

Alysa Freeman - Brooch - 'Gong'

Alysa Freeman

Brooch - 'Gong'

Compacted Paper, Sterling Silver

Ref: 96519

5 x 5 x 1 cms


Alysa Freeman

2018 MA Design, University of the West of England
2010 BA (Hons), Top Up - Applied Art and Design, Bournemouth University

Alysa has spent three years developing and refining her connection with material and concept. Newspaper is ephemeral, losing its value in a matter of hours. By putting it through a complex process of compression and manipulation, Alysa is crafting a new material which can be worked and shaped; transmuting waste into functional and decorative hand-crafted pieces of jewellery. Using newspaper also allowed her to explore ideas around the use of text to viewers and wearers. For most people, the presence of text on paper invites the viewer to seek messages and meaning in the print. However, as a dyslexic maker, she perceives text as texture.

Alysa stacks the raw material and abrades the surface to reveal complex layers of print that read in reverse, in opposing directions, cross-over, overlap and intermingle. The meaning and context of the words are blurred and lost, inviting the viewer to see text - not immediately intelligible - and to examine the way in which the viewer or wearer seeks to take meaning from the printed word.

Once the paper has gone through the fabrication process the material is strong but lightweight which means that even large, visually bold, statement-pieces sit easily on the wearer and are comfortable. This repurposed material is finished with high quality hand-made silver findings.

Alysa is based in Exeter.

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