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The Contemporary Glass Society: Joyful Reflections - Celebrating the International Year of Glass

30 April to 11 June 2022

The Contemporary Glass Society: Joyful Reflections - Celebrating the International Year of Glass

The United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution declaring the year 2022 as the International Year of Glass to celebrate the heritage and importance of this material in our lives. To celebrate this, the New Ashgate is delighted to present two art glass exhibitions this year.

This exhibition is a collaboration with the Contemporary Glass Society to present Joyful Reflections, an exhibition featuring 15 exceptional makers working in a variety of diverse glass techniques.

The Contemporary Glass Society is the leading organisation representing national and international glass artists, designers, and makers. With over 1,000 members, the society champions the work of independent makers through a variety of initiatives including business development opportunities and exhibitions at leading galleries all over the UK.

On their 50th anniversary, we are delighted to announce that the Crafts Council has selected the exhibition as a Make! Craft Live! partner.

In Joyful Reflections, the artists step back from the sadness of the pandemic and embrace the joy of life as we know it now. Vibrant colours and transparent forms reflect the joyful moments we have come to appreciate in everyday life.

Selected makers include Teresa Chlapowski, Hannah Gibson, Jianyong Guo, Laura Hart, Julie Light, Roberta Mason, Wendy Newhofer, Lisa Pettibone, Laura Quinn, Morag Reekie, Amy Skachill Burke, Nancy Sutcliffe, Cara Wassenberg, Frans Wesselman and Sandra Young.

Testing the parameters of the material, the makers highlight their refined craft skills including blown, cast, fused, engraved and stained-glass techniques through a collective of sculptural and decorative work.

The exhibition highlights the luminous, reflective, and often illusional qualities of glass, celebrating its unique ability to express fragility, rigidity, pattern, and form.

Our second exhibition for the International Year of Glass opens on 24th September, presenting stained glass by Jessica Stroud, the Surrey Artist of the Year 2021.

Julie Light

Strange Creature (Urchin)

Pâte de verre

Ref: 116645

8 x 10 x 9 cms


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Julie Light

Julie's artwork focuses on scientific themes, finding new ways to visualise familiar ideas or to bring cutting-edge research to new audiences. She is fascinated by how our physical experience influences our day-to-day sense of identity, and she often make artworks that examine human bodies in unconventional ways such as inside-out or at a microscopic level.

Recently, Julie has started exploring ideas about hybrids between organic and the human-made entities, thinking about creatures and their bodies from fresh perspectives. She loves reflecting these ideas more playfully in her artwork and hopes to make people smile when they see the pieces as well as sparking questions or ideas about their inspiration.

'Strange Creatures' imagines a world where anemones and nudibranchs (sea creatures which in the real world can act as indicators of rising sea temperatures) have combined with the volumes of plastic waste we dump in the oceans and are colonising the seabed with new hybrid life forms. They are part sea slug, part plastic bottle, and they are proliferating in many different varieties

Each piece that forms the 'Strange Creatures Posse' is made using a pate de verre process that makes it possible to create vessels with very small apertures and where detailing can be fused to the outside of the vessel in the kiln. This enables her to make a series of little creatures that reflect the fun of making as well as bringing a bit of joy to those viewing them.

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