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Summer Craft Collection 2022: Craft with Local Heart

30 April to 27 August 2022

Summer Craft Collection 2022: Craft with Local Heart

The Summer Craft Collection presents a curated range of unique, local and nationally renowned craft. Treat yourself to something new for your home or buy gifts for your loved ones. Pop in, browse and shop away from the crowds. You'll be supporting a local gallery and small creative artist businesses if you do, as well as finding something special.

We are delighted present a new collection of:

Ceramics by: Cressida Borrett, Laura De Benedetti, Rebecca Ridley, Helen Rondell and Lesley Nason.

Jewellery by: Donna Barry, Rebecca Burt, Elizabeth Chamberlain, EM Jewellery and M. Kala.

Textiles by: Bonita Ahuja, Eve Campbell and Jennie Jackson.

Zeba Imam

Black Asemic Jar


Ref: 114982

11 x 13 cms


Zeba Imam

Zeba's work is inspired by the marks of human activity all around us. Bustling cityscapes, old and new jostling for space, time-worn aspects of an industrial building, casual graffiti: they convey the universal human wish to be seen and to communicate: I am/was here.

Clay has a capacity for memory; every mark - intended or unintended - is retained even as it transforms through firing. Working alongside clay's nature, she intends to capture the layered, palimpsest-like, quality of the human story. She uses stoneware clays layered with coloured slips and oxides in various combinations of mark making and sgraffito. She wheel-throws a variety of functional forms, but jars are her favourite. The inside of the jar allows for as much storytelling (by the user) as the outside.

Growing up in India, Zeba came across traditional potters and was mesmerised by clay's movement on the wheel. She discovered clay for herself in the USA when she was working on her PhD in Communication. As she grappled with questions of identity and cultural boundaries, both as a research topic and a lived experience, finding clay made her feel anchored. Clay's tactile quality and the unbroken connection to our collective past drew her to it. For many years, it remained something she dabbled in on and off, as a hobby. That changed in 2017 when she joined the two year diploma at Clay College. She set up her studio at ACAVA Spode Works in Stoke-on-Trent in 2020.

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