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Sarah Cox - Yachts on the Crest of the Wave

Sarah Cox

Yachts on the Crest of the Wave


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Sarah Cox

Whilst at college my ceramic work became inspired by the wonders of the sea, but the aquarium tanks of London Zoo and Kew Gardens were as close as I could get to the real thing! I am now a keen diver and take inspiration from tropical seas and far away locations, and the plants and animals that inhabit such places. My ceramics are vividly colourful, humorous, animated creations that depict elements of both fantasy and reality. Blue birds, aardvarks, dogs, elephants and sea creatures are some of my themes. I make both large and small scale sculpture, my work is mainly 'one offs' but I do repeat some themes. My pieces also include anemone vases, mixed media pieces, wall pieces, mirrors and clocks. I use both slabs and coils of clay in the construction of my pieces, and a variety of surface treatments and textures. I inlay a vitreous slip to highlight the surface detail, and then spray my barium glazes so they blend into each other. The colours range from white, to yellow, to orange / red, to vivid green, to turquoise, to rich cobalt blue and black. I fire my pieces to 1100 degrees centigrade and the glaze surface quality ranges from smooth and waxy, to dry and rough. My latest collection of work has been running along side my smaller scale gallery work. I have been experimenting and exhibiting large scale stoneware pieces for the garden, which include sculptures and water features. I have been enjoying the challenge of the scale, and reformulating the base glazes to suit. Clients feel they don't have the space in the home, but they do in the garden for larger scale work.

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