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Nicola Becci


Glaswegian Nicola Becci likes to leave a personal stamp on her jewellery, and it is usually her own handwriting. Her fascination with handwriting and the fact that no two people will write the same is mapped out on a lot of her work, which is often described as quirky and a wee bit 'off the wall'. Nicola's influences also include the Catholic Church, the trappings of Royalty, playing cards and chess, calligraphy, and food and confectionery, which all have a place in her jewellery collection.

Blue Peter was an influence on Nicola from a very young age. "I was always making things when I was younger," she says. "Blue Peter made quite an impact on me. I was always looking for washing-up bottles and empty toilet-roll holders from which to make things. Then I went to secondary school and discovered that I could draw. From then on, all I ever wanted to do was to go to art school."

Nicola progressed to Glasgow School of Art, graduating in 1992. From there, she decided to make a living doing something that she loved. Her only option was to set up a business in jewellery design. Now Nicola makes jewellery from silver, gold and brass, incorporating oxidation methods and etching into her work.

Nicola Becci

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