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Karolina Baines


Karolina Baines is a jewellery designer and maker based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her designs seek to develop an emotional connection between jewellery and wearer, through the application of strong tactile patterns and textures, as well as the use of vibrant colours expressed using enamels. Each piece is finely crafted to combine engaging surface qualities, with a sense of movement, in order to create sculptural jewellery with an elegant yet playful character.

Karolina's collections reflect a diverse world of inspirations, from Japanese textiles and folding techniques, to the universal traditions of weaving and basketry. Her 'Lines in Motion' collection was inspired by a desire to move through life with serenity and spontaneity, with inspiration taken from the bold yet graceful pleat-work of Issey Miyake's clothing. 'Weave' reflects the living traditions of weaving that have been handed down through generations of communities. Its pieces express the cords which bind past, present, and future in harmony, and embody the rhythmic textile-making practices which provide warmth, comfort, protection and strength to all humankind.

Karolina Baines

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