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Spring Craft Collection 2021: Craft with Local Heart

16 January to 24 April 2021

Spring Craft Collection 2021: Craft with Local Heart

The Spring Craft Collection presents a range of unique, local craft that you won't find anywhere else. Treat yourself to something new for your home or buy gifts for your loved ones. Pop in, browse and shop away from the crowds. You'll be supporting a local gallery and small creative artist businesses if you do, as well as finding something special.

We are delighted present a new collection of ceramics by Rowena Gilbert, Ashley Howard, Alison Proctor and Bryony Rich and new jewellery by Christina Hirst, Emma Leonard and Rachael Plassard and many more.

Mirka Golden-Hann

Bowl, blue


Ref: 99100


Mirka Golden-Hann

It is Mirka's strong belief that creative practice is a state of continuous progression, the prerequisite for which is an open mind allowing everything and everyone to be a potential influence. "The more I work with clay the more I notice that it is not just the skill that creates but also the maker's personality and life's circumstances. My work is a reflection of myself at this point in my creative life."

As a result of an MA at Bath Spa University Mirka's focus now is principally on colour. In order to do this effectively she has reached out and away from ceramics and looked for inspiration in the study of colour theory. Her forms are designed to act as a vehicle for the colour they display. Each colour is given autonomy through clearly defined forms. Installations of simple bowls express chromatic diversity and its juxtapositions. These juxtapositions in turn explore visual effects. The use of the colour evokes centrifugal and centripetal movement, the sensations of pulsating and fluttering, and the illusions of the individual objects advancing or retreating from the eye. Particular combinations of colour exploit the eye's propensity to see afterimages. These physical responses contribute to the current discourse on colour in ceramics.

The drinking vessels on the other hand offer the user enjoyment of one colour at a time, with the colour being applied to the inside of the vessel. When displayed together these cups play a subtle game in presenting a dilemma for the person who wishes to choose one, and Mirka's particular fascination lies in the conscious and unconscious motivation behind that choice. Colours have personal meanings for us all.

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