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Spring Craft Collection 2021: Craft with Local Heart

16 January to 24 April 2021

Spring Craft Collection 2021: Craft with Local Heart

The Spring Craft Collection presents a range of unique, local craft that you won't find anywhere else. Treat yourself to something new for your home or buy gifts for your loved ones. Pop in, browse and shop away from the crowds. You'll be supporting a local gallery and small creative artist businesses if you do, as well as finding something special.

We are delighted present a new collection of ceramics by Rowena Gilbert, Ashley Howard, Alison Proctor and Bryony Rich and new jewellery by Christina Hirst, Emma Leonard and Rachael Plassard and many more.

Katalin Szallas

Grey Bottle


Ref: 102843

24 (H) cms


Katalin Szallas

Katalin Szallas created functional and/or decorative stoneware vessels. Most of these are thrown on the wheel but she uses other techniques such as hand building and slab building, too. Sometimes she alters the thrown pot or joins two thrown pieces together.

Shape is important but Katalin also puts a lot of emphasis on decoration. She finds decorative spherical forms pleasing and enjoys experimenting with pressing various objects into the clay to give the surface a different quality. On the slip decorated pieces she uses slip-resist and sgraffito techniques and underglaze brush lines. On some of her other pieces the unglazed slip surface contrasts strongly with the glazed surface. Katalin's works are fired at 1260c in an electric kiln.

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