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Rising Stars 2020 (extended)

7 March to 4 July 2020

Rising Stars 2020 (extended)

Rising Stars is a platform for some of the most exciting new crafts by emerging makers in crafts, design and applied arts. This curated, selling exhibition will be showcased at the New Ashgate Gallery and also include a programme of makers' professional development events and a £500 prize. The participants are graduating students, recent graduates or at a pivotal moment in their early career due to changed circumstances.

Many of the graduating makers are at cross roads: they have a full portfolio of fabulous ideas, but are yet to establish their business skills and a network of collectors. Rising Stars offers just the right platform, and for many, it is a starting point for an exceptional career. Rising Stars is an opportunity for both makers as well as art collectors who wish to support and collect work by future stars.

Following an open call with 97 applications, 26 makers of exceptional talent were selected by a panel of craft experts, Dr Outi Remes (New Ashgate Gallery), Sharon Ting (University for the Creative Arts) and Debra Allman (UCA). They are Darren Ball, Sandy Buchanan, Niamh Duddy, Jack Durling, Fran Fell, Beth Gates, Rhiannon Gwyn, Faye Hall, Abeer Kayani, Joshua Kerley, Antigone Lentzos, Rebecca Oldfield, Archana Pathak, Rebecca Perry, Laura Plant, Irina Prolygina, Jane Sarre, Jane Sedgwick, Ralph Shuttleworth, Hannah Staber, Olivia Taylor, Hermione Thomson, Nikole Tursi, Claire Walton and Katie Watson.

Rising Stars is organised by the New Ashgate Gallery and supported by the Billmeir Charitable Trust. We work in partnership with the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.

Rhiannon Gwyn - Small bowl w/ slate shelf - Woodland

Rhiannon Gwyn

Small bowl w/ slate shelf - Woodland


Ref: 104999

6 x 29 cms


Rhiannon Gwyn

Rhiannon's practice explores a sense of place and the notion of having a deep involvement with the landscape. She is interested in how materials can act as identity markers, influencing the way in which we view ourselves and the world around us through the imprinting of emotion and memory onto our surroundings.

She works primarily with slate to create a narrative that reflects her own sense of identity through exploring her connections to the landscape of her home in North Wales. This involves exploring the full potential of slate by incorporating it into ceramic processes to create objects that depict forms of the land. This is part of a circular process whereby having been personally shaped by the surrounding landscape, she forms and shapes its raw materials.

Rhiannon's understanding of her material's capabilities has come through comprehensive testing. She has developed an innovative way of working with reclaimed slate by shaping it into functional, decorative pieces. She has discovered ways of firing slate in the kiln to a high temperature so that this hard material becomes malleable, enabling her to shape and slump the material to create curves and waves so the slab of slate can be used as unique, one of a kind shelving. She uses the slate shelves as bases for her ceramic bowls. Each bowl she makes has pieces of Welsh slate embedded in its surface or has a glaze applied made of slate or other materials from the landscape such as the flower gorse.

Rhiannon is based in Gwynedd.

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