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Craft Collection: Crafts with the Local Heart (extended)

18 January to 5 September 2020

Craft Collection: Crafts with the Local Heart (extended)

Our specially selected collection of ceramics, jewellery and textiles: all items are beautifully hand-crafted by some of the UK's most talented designer-makers: they are perfect pieces for any home or to give as beautiful gifts if you can bear to part with them!

The makers include: Justine Allison, Sandy Buchanan, Theo Brooks, Holly Burton, Samantha English, Fran Fell, Beth Gates, Jaroslav Hrustalenko, Justine Jenner, Silvia K, Katherine Kingdon, Bérangère Noyau, Sarah Packington, Rebecca Perry, Mitch Pilkington, Alison Proctor, Laura Plant, Miranda Peckitt, Jacqui Ramrayka, Tamar Rose, Tiffany Scull, Carolyn Tripp, Clare Underwood, Vezzini & Chen, Claire Walton and Danniella Wilde.

Fran Fell - Pink Chalice

Fran Fell

Pink Chalice


Ref: 104706


Fran Fell

Fran's work is a product of our fast moving and turbulent times - this 'anxious epoch'. Her approach is urgent and energetic, and the spontaneity of the process remains present in the finished pieces. Her quickly collaged together, slip-painted terracotta slabs celebrate the seams, cracks and mistakes of modern life. The surfaces are roughly decorated with sprigs, glaze and lustres.

Fran sees herself as a magpie, mixing up words and imagery from high-brow neo-classical and low-brow street culture. This collection explores the world of the teenage 'hype-beast', comparing this modern tribe with stories from myth and fairy-tale: Peter Pan, King Midas and Narcissus meet Nike, Supreme and Versace; phrases from Shakespeare are chopped up with the 'slanguage' of the Meme.

Fran is based in Richmond.

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