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Crafts in Bloom

3 August to 14 September 2019

Crafts in Bloom

The exhibition joins the celebrations of Farnham in Bloom. Artists throughout the centuries from all cultures have been drawn to the beauty and elegance of flowers. Virginia Wolff remarks that we need to understand the beguiling beauty of a single flower, in order to grasp the meaning and potential of life itself.

Vanessa Hogge's decorative ceramic wallflowers and vessels bring a unique textural and visual dimension to any wall or table. Inspired by her passion for all things botanical, and influences as diverse as Frida Kahlo, Indian miniature paintings and Marianne North, Vanessa breathes life into her clay in the form of dahlias, chrysanthemums, daisies, hydrangeas and Daphne.

The inspiration for Janet Twinn's textiles comes from observation of the natural world, she uses drawing and photography to capture the moment from the changing colours of the season to the detailed structures found in garden flowers.

Lucy Burley's ceramic vessels are not only inspired by the colours of flowers, but the bottle vases are also intended as a vehicle for displaying a single bloom, as described by Virginia Wolff; also, for many years she has taken inspiration from my daily walks around West Street Cemetery, close to her house, where Farnham Town Council have created a beautiful wildflower area, which when in bloom has inspired many of her glaze colours

The jeweller Rosie Wesley is fascinated by the concept of taking something from our natural environment and transforming it or assembling it into something else; giving it a new life away from its original environment. Her work allows you to appreciate natural spaces everyday, and preserve a part of them forever.

Peipei Yu's work was captured and designed at her mother's garden in China in 2018. She was sitting in the garden and saw the flower bloom; Peipei observed the leaf texture and recorded the reflection on the pond. Since the rapid development of urbanization, it is hard to have a garden at home in the city. In the city, you could smell the cars and the factories but the nature, the greens. Those works remind the artist of her childhood memories.

The exhibition is curated by Loucia Manopoulou.

Euphorbia Green Bottle

Lucy Burley


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