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Mirka Janeckova and Olivia Walker: Beautiful Form

30 September to 11 November 2017

Mirka Janeckova and Olivia Walker: Beautiful Form

This exhibition brings together Mirka Janeckova and Olivia Walker. Over the last few years, Mirka and Olivia's work has become known for its exceptional beauty and skill of making.

Dreamy landscapes of the deep sea inspire Mirka's forms while her jewellery is a container for wearer's emotions, memories and hopes. Her pieces refer to the body in an abstract way, exploring the relationship between people and their subconscious mind. The work is made from porcelain, glass, sterling silver and white pearls. Porcelain has the potential to be shaped into virtually any form and challenges restricted traditional cuts of gemstones. Porcelain pieces appear fragile but they are surprisingly durable with hardness 7 on Mohs scale - the same as most semiprecious stones.

Olivia's work plays within the space where the man-made and the natural intersect. Olivia throws precise forms in porcelain before covering and submerging them in organic repetitive patterns, made up of individually applied shards of porcelain. These accretions are always different. They speak of organisms - fungus, coral and bacteria - but are unidentifiable, growing over and eating up the form beneath. Olivia is interested in the tension between the ordered and precise object - mechanically thrown and trimmed on the wheel, and the rough, mossy, textured growth upon.

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