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Summer Craft Collection 2024

4 May to 31 August 2024

Summer Craft Collection 2024

The Summer Craft Collection is a celebration of unique, locally crafted treasures and nationally renowned gems. Whether you're looking to refresh your home or find the perfect gift for a loved one, our curated selection promises to delight.

New ceramics by: Olivia Barber, Lucy Burley, Lucy Blackley, Libby Daniels, Ken Eardley, Catherine Lucktaylor, Caroline Nuttall-Smith, Tiffany Scull, Chrissy Silver, Youyou Wang and Sophie Wootton.

New jewellery by: Leoma Drew, Helen Rankin, Cathy Newell-Price, Laura Ngyou, Rachael Plassard and Charlotte Smith.

New textiles by: Alison Dupernex and Alison White.

New glass by: Jessica Stroud, Samantha Yates and Helen Restorick.

And many more...

Not only are you acquiring beautiful pieces but you are supporting a local charity, the New Ashgate Gallery, and small creative businesses. Your purchase makes a difference! Free delivery is available from £50.

Youyou Wang

Teapot III - White & red, back handle


Ref: 130108

6 x 7 x 10 cms


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Youyou Wang

Youyou Wang is the Runner Up of the Rising Stars 2024 Award.

Youyou is an emerging ceramic artist who has recently graduated from Central Saint Martins in Ceramic Design. She creates unique, handmade works with a signature blend of form and function. In her hands, these vessels transcend their utilitarian roots, becoming works of art to be savoured and admired.

With their understated elegance, each unique teapot features a harmonious merging of elements, wide and petite bodies, small and delicate spouts. The wide bodies of her teapots are gentle and soft, their elegant curves evoking a sense of tranquillity. The small spouts, subtle and refined, provide a counterpoint to the generous bodies. This juxtaposition of wide and small dimensions imbues her work with a sense of balance and grace. The interplay of these contrasting forms is where Youyou's work shines, creating visual harmony that is at once soothing and engaging.

In her work, simplicity and serenity is the key to beauty, and her work exemplifies this philosophy, offering an impression of a world where art and functionality seamlessly intertwine.

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