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Farnham Legends: Elizabeth Mikellides | Chloe S. Moncrieff | Fiona Pearce

13 January to 9 March 2024

Farnham Legends: Elizabeth Mikellides | Chloe S. Moncrieff | Fiona Pearce

Farnham Legends is a show by female collective, Breaking Ground of Elizabeth Mikellides, Chloe S. Moncrieff and Fiona Pearce, drawing inspiration from Farnham's rich, historical tapestry of folklore, music and scenic landscape.

Looking back at their local region, Breaking Ground, will bring stories of past and present to the fore, while investigating their own identity and heritage in a variety of two-dimensional pieces in acrylic, mixed media and digital fine art on metal.

Elizabeth Mikellides

Farnham Composition: Castle Street Theme Bars 9-16


Ref: 129724

75 x 25 cms


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Elizabeth Mikellides

Music and art have always been important to Elizabeth since early childhood and having been torn as to which art form to study at university, she decided on art. It was during her time at Camberwell College of Art in London that Elizabeth started to merge drawing and music, resulting in a practice she calls 'Drawing Music'.

Having played the piano for several years, Elizabeth grew very familiar with Classical piano, finding parallels in the principles and structures of music with those of drawing such as measure, proportion, repetition, inversion etc.
Her mission is to harness the beauty of music through colour by translating music scores note-by-note. Elizabeth's artwork also offers a kind of music appreciation to those who may not listen to or understand a lot about Classical music.

Elizabeth mixes her colours through light, on her laptop, instead of mixing paint on a canvas, as this allows her to be as true as possible to each note and its colour. Working as a digital artist then allows her to work with colours more precisely, through a group of coded letters and numbers. She then chooses to print her artwork on the metal ChromaLuxe because the printing process (through sublimation) offers an unparalleled, vibrant finish.

Most often, Elizabeth chooses musical legends like Bach, translating and creating his music into visual counterparts but in this show, Elizabeth has chosen present-day, living legends that are musician/composer Stephen Noyce and his students at Post 19 in Farnham. The artwork is based on original songs written and performed by Stephen and his students, drawing inspiration form the town itself.

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