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Farnham Legends: Elizabeth Mikellides | Chloe S. Moncrieff | Fiona Pearce

13 January to 9 March 2024

Farnham Legends: Elizabeth Mikellides | Chloe S. Moncrieff | Fiona Pearce

Farnham Legends is a show by female collective, Breaking Ground of Elizabeth Mikellides, Chloe S. Moncrieff and Fiona Pearce, drawing inspiration from Farnham's rich, historical tapestry of folklore, music and scenic landscape.

Looking back at their local region, Breaking Ground, will bring stories of past and present to the fore, while investigating their own identity and heritage in a variety of two-dimensional pieces in acrylic, mixed media and digital fine art on metal.

Fiona Pearce

Curtain Call (unfr)


Ref: 129631

91 x 91 cms


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Fiona Pearce

Fiona views her subject matter as a series of shapes and electric colour palettes. Every landscape is broken down into blocks and verticals and then re-formed in a way that embodies her chosen scene.

The start of the process is initially on an iPad. This is where she sketches out the composition and experiments with the palette. Excitement comes with the next stage, as this is where she forms a multitude of layers on the canvas. Large, fluid strokes, from both a brush and a credit card build the layers of acrylic to show through, and in turn create depth. The intention is to give the eyes something to explore, often exposing colours that fizz and entice you in.

For Fiona the legends in and around Farnham are based on the landscapes, with a touch of influence from local personalities. From Frensham to The Bourne Woods, she sees them as icons in their own right.

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