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Autumn Craft Collection 2023: Art and Craft with Local Heart

26 August to 28 October 2023

Autumn Craft Collection 2023: Art and Craft with Local Heart

The Autumn Craft Collection presents a curated range of unique, local and nationally renowned craft. Treat yourself to something new for your home or buy gifts for your loved ones. Pop in, browse and shop away from the crowds. You'll be supporting a local gallery and small creative artist businesses if you do, as well as finding something special.

We are delighted to present a new collection of:

Ceramics by: Elizabeth Degenszejn, Rowena Gilbert, Robert Goldsmith, Diane Griffin, Jaroslav Hrustalenko, Ania Perkowska and Joanna Terry.

Jewellery by: Emily Collins, Antonello Figlia and Jodie Hook

Textiles by: Louise Cottey, Janie Knitted Textiles and Sarah Tyssen

Glass by: Penny Carter, Emmy Palmer and Elizabeth Welch

Limited edition prints by: Alison Orchard, Susie Perring and Christina Taylor-Smith.

Diane Griffin

L Single Scroll Vase - Script, Red

White earthenware

Ref: 126031

16 x 6 cms


Diane Griffin

Diane's ceramic sculptures are inspired by human experience, and how we connect with each other and the world around us through rituals and ceremonies.
She first became interested in the use of rituals during a trip to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem in 1985: "I was fascinated to watch as people prayed and left messages as a way to feel a sense of connection to each other, their spiritual selves and a higher power. Religions and cultures across the world have used the elements of the natural world in ceremonies and rituals for millennia and it is this connection that continues to inspire my work all these years later."
Diane's poetic sculptures are rich in contrasting textures. Rough and cracked surfaces are united with delicate sheets of ruffled porcelain. Precious metallic elements further accentuate the organic textures. They combine something precious in amongst earthy textures which perhaps comes from digging for 'treasure' in her back garden as a child and unearthing many victorian bottles, jars and pipes. She uses a variety of techniques and clays in combination. Throwing, hand building and carving are used to achieved different textures, surfaces and forms. She uses layers of slips and glazes that are fired many times to achieve the required result. She works in porcelain and earthenware clays with a variety of processes, each with it's own rhythm and nuance which she unites into the final piece. Her sculptures offer a focal point for connecting with memories, personal stories and emotions, establishing private moments of contemplation.

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