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Patrick Walls: Figurative and Abstract

29 April to 10 June 2023

Patrick Walls: Figurative and Abstract

We are delighted to welcome Patrick Walls who is one of the leading sculptors creating artworks for the Brightwells Yard in Farnham.

Patrick specialises in carved stone and cast metals. He works on large scale sculpture for the public domain and makes smaller, individual sculptures to exhibit.

Patrick's work can be either figurative or abstract but often explores two dominant themes; "air/water" and "volume/time". Air / Water explores wave forms and repeated patterns, both in terms of form and surface. These sculptures can be small intimate pieces or monumental landmark sculptures. Employing fluid sweeping curves the sculptures seek to evoke a sense of movement belying the solidity and weight of the material.

Volume / Time as a body of work explores the use of stone as a material. These sculptures are dictated by the natural properties of the stone; working with the volume of the material and emphasising its natural properties, formed through many thousands of years. The surface is meticulously finished by hand to exaggerate the form.

The sculptures for Brightwells Yard in Farnham are a series of ten large-scale sandstone figures standing in the newly landscaped gardens. Each figure represents a different craft associated with the local area. They are arranged in three small groups, each group in conversation or looking out across the open space towards the other sculptures.

Patrick teaches stone carving at workshops, both at his studio and around the country. To celebrate the sculptures at Brightwells Yard there will be a program of workshops in the summer supported by the Waverley Borough Council.

The Cabinet Maker (ed. 1/50)

Patrick Walls


Scutch, Punch (ed. 2/25) - unfr.

Patrick Walls


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