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Janine Partington: Enamels, Leather, Paintings

30 July to 17 September 2022

Janine Partington: Enamels, Leather, Paintings

We are delighted to welcome back Janine Partington for her major retrospective exhibition. In 2021, as Janine approached her 50th birthday, she decided to explore painting as a medium. Alongside her much-loved enamels and critically celebrated leather panels, this exhibition is the first time Janine will be showing some of her paintings.

Janine has been making things her whole life. Growing up Janine's artist father occupied the ground floor of their home with his painting studio, but her 'teenage rebellion' meant she never considered art as a career. However, after the birth of her second child in 2002, and then in her thirties, Janine began adult education evening classes in Bristol studying enamelling and selling her work. Janine became a full-time creative in 2006.

In 2015 Janine began an MA in Design at UWE, Bristol. Her degree show consisted of a series of carved and painted leather panels. Janine now creates leather panels alongside her enamelling practice. The work that she creates in leather is more personal. This has included responses to her father's Alzheimer's and death that was exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery as part of the Crafts Council's 'Collect Open' programme in 2019, and more recently a response to her mother's life, ill health and death.

Janine does also create one off smaller pieces in leather that often reflect her own personal emotional temperature through explorations of the natural world.

In 2021, as Janine approached her 50th birthday, she decided to explore painting as a medium. Janine had been reluctant to pick up a paintbrush as she saw her father as being what a painter could and should be, but there had always been a desire to layer and play with colours and forms and paint allows Janine to do this.

Whilst Janine is showing three seemingly distinct media, all take inspiration from nature, even in her more abstracted works. They also share a desire to create clean and defined lines, marks and shapes. Even in the more freestyle works in leather and paint there is an order and pattern to the work that hopefully brings balance.

Janine Partington

Enamel earrings

Copper and Vitreous Enamel

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Janine Partington

Janine Partington celebrates her unique blend of traditional enamelling techniques, leather and contemporary design, resulting in timeless framed panels and jewellery.

Drawing inspiration from nature, Janine meticulously hand-cuts stencils featuring trees, flowers, and landscapes, which are then laid onto copper and coated with powdered enamel before being fired in a kiln. The result is a collection of vibrant and intricately crafted pieces that seamlessly marry timeless craftsmanship with modern aesthetics.

Based in Bristol, Janine devotes much of her time to creating new works for her collections, which have garnered widespread acclaim and are exhibited throughout the UK. Her dedication to her craft is further reflected in her academic background, which includes a Master of Arts in Design from the University of the West of England, Bristol, and studies in enamelling at the Bristol School of Art and Design, Filton College. She is a member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, the Crafts Council Directory of Makers, the Guild of Enamellers, and the British Society of Enamellers. Janine's talent and dedication have earned her numerous awards and she has also created panels for cruise ships, including the recently launched Cunard Queen Anne vessel and for hotels including the Park Hyatt hotel in Changsha, China.

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