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Jack Doherty: Maker in Focus

30 April to 11 June 2022

Jack Doherty: Maker in Focus

Jack Doherty's work is concerned with function but not necessarily utility. He is intrigued and inspired by the potency of archetypal vessel forms. Anonymous and uncomplicated pots from pre-history used for storing, cooking and keeping people safe through winters and giving protection in the everyday world can also function in other ways. Jack sees them as figurative objects. As guardians of emotion and connectors with the spiritual, he wants his work to inhabit our domestic spaces in the light, shadow and darkness with qualities that neither painting or abstract sculpture can.

Jack uses one clay, one colouring mineral and a single firing with soda. Over time, the techniques have become simpler but more refined, in the belief that stripping away what is unnecessary can produce work with complexity and depth. His palette of colour is achieved through the versatility of copper. The kiln is a vital creative element in his making process. The long firing alternates between oxidisation and reduction atmospheres, the surface texture is produced by blasting the forms with a sodium solution at high temperature.

Jack was Chair of the Ceramics Potters Association for 10 years, a founder and current Chair of Ceramic Art London and from 2008 - 2013, the first Lead Potter and Creative Director of the Leach Pottery.

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