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Janine Partington

Wall Panel - Enamel on copper

Enamel on Copper

Ref: 107169

7.6 x 7.6 cms


Janine Partington

Janine Partington combines the traditional craft of enamelling and leather with fresh, clean, contemporary designs.

Janine is best known for her craft of enamelling with fresh, clean, contemporary design. Enamelling is the art of fusing glass onto metal. Janine's work is mainly created using the technique of dusting powdered vitreous enamel over hand-cut stencils onto copper. Watching an enamelled copper panel emerging from a kiln glowing red hot after being fired at a temperature of 800C is always an exciting experience. As the metal cools the true colours of the panel emerge. It takes multiple short firings to create a finished piece of work.

Janine takes inspiration from the shape of things around her. In particular she is inspired by trees, flowers, leaves and seed heads, and taking their shape and form in new directions. Exploiting the sensitive relationship between the copper and enamel is at the heart of her work. Janine is constantly playing with the materials, seeing where they can take her.

Enamel is a versatile, durable, strong and impervious material which is well-suited for every room in the home or workspace from kitchen to bathroom, from washroom to boardroom. The inherent qualities of the enamel, it's sheen and it's interplay with light bring something new and very tactile into a living space.

In 2018, Janine completed a part-time MA in Design with distinction at the University of the West of England and she made the creative leap into working with a very traditional material, leather, in a fresh, contemporary and unique way. Drawing on past experiences with printmaking, bookbinding and embroidery Janine has explored mark making through the carving and painting of leathers to create distinctive and appealing surfaces. Her pieces often become abstracted landscapes. However, her inner need for harmony means there is a deeply ingrained subconscious check that ensures a balanced final composition.

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Art Gallery of the Year 2021: Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards
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