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Donna Barry - Pendant - Rippled Honey Cluster, with Black Spinel

Donna Barry

Pendant - Rippled Honey Cluster, with Black Spinel

Sterling Silver

Ref: 93508


Donna Barry

Donna Barry completed her post-graduate course at Edinburgh College of Art in 2002, and has since continued to develop her work gradually. She has been involved in a number of exhibitions, and supplies galleries and shops in the UK, the US and Japan.

Working with soft metals such as silver and 18-carat gold has allowed Donna to explore techniques of fusion in a new and exciting way. She arranges petal-like shapes into regular and irregular patterns, and fuses them together to create herown sheet. Larger neckpieces are arranged into a continuous cluster of floral units, while other pieces such as brooches express the nature of fusion more clearly. The overlaps of the petals create patterns in themselves, adding to the overall design of the pieces. Different textures, patterns and imprints can been seen in each element.

Movement is also a characteristic of Donna's work. Not only is the jewellery beautiful to look at, but it also comes to life when handled or worn. Floral rings and brooches have layers of kinetic elements within them, and the work has a light and tactile quality. People sometimes think it is too delicate to be worn, and it has been said that the petals look as if they are light enough to fly away, but the overlaps created by the fusion of the petals double the thickness of the sheet and strengthen it. Fusing precious metals in this way has also enabled her to work on a larger scale to create silverware such as shallow dishes and napkin rings. She intends to continue to explore her technique as a silversmith further.

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