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Niamh Duddy - Ring - Green and yellow, rectangular

Niamh Duddy

Ring - Green and yellow, rectangular

Jesmonite, silver

Ref: 104691

4 x 3 x 3 cms


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Niamh Duddy

Niamh is a contemporary jeweller from Derry, Northern Ireland. She feels making is a way of exploring her world, and developing understanding, meaning, and a creative voice. This approach allows her to challenge perceptions and develop new approaches to making, which lead to reflection upon existing norms.

Her current project investigates how jewellery is worn by exploring alternatives to the conventional methods of attachment and wearability. As a maker she is intrigued by the relationship that jewellery shares with the body; unlike any other art form jewellery is worn, and it occupies an intimate space that is unique to each individual wearer.

The complicated language of jewellery involves adornment, sentimentality and tradition. Niamh has begun to investigate how we wear jewellery and has become intrigued about how it is almost a subconscious act: the wearer can either wear the pieces loose or participate with the piece to showcase its full form. Creating pieces that require the wearer to stop and think breaks the normal subconscious act and starts to get the wearer to think about the objects that they want to adorn their body with.

Niamh is based in Kent.

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