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Mitch Pilkington - Large Blue/ Green Pod

Mitch Pilkington

Large Blue/ Green Pod


Ref: 104981

15 x 15 x 15 cms


Mitch Pilkington

Drawn to the organic, natural forms of coastal forays in her home of North Devon, and the worn, dry spirals of weathered conch shells, gathered on warm Caribbean beaches, Mitch communicates the sculptural qualities of these influences. Her ceramics are instinctively handformed in an emotionally intuitive and mindful process using methods such as coiling and pinching. Each piece, a vessel for her emotional journey.

Working in grogged stoneware clay, with a palate of coastal shades, and using various stains, slips and oxides, she enhances the natural stone-like quality of the clay.

For Mitch, hand-building is what drives her passion to create her sculptural ceramics. The rhythmic, meditative and mindful process of coiling, and the many hours scraping and sculpting, provide her with the emotional salve to the stresses of life's everyday challenges. Each piece is an emotional response to the clay, hosting their calming solice.

Within her work, Mitch tries to create a haptic aesthetic that communicates a sense of calm, serenity and connection.

Mitch is the winner of the Rising Stars 2019 Award at New Ashgate Gallery.

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