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Gareth Bunting - Form the Swarm (Framed ed 7/10)

Gareth Bunting

Form the Swarm (Framed ed 7/10)


Ref: 68038

37 x 27 cms


Gareth Bunting

Gareth Bunting's drawings document particular times in his life. He is a keen traveller, and often his artworks take the form of alternative maps or travel diaries. Working from sketches and photographs taken during his trips, the drawings merge real-life images with imagery from his own imagination, creating sprawling, timeless and dreamlike landscapes. He is fascinated with memory, and sees drawing as a tool to look back and understand things more fully, but as memories become distorted, imagination fills the gaps and makes a visual world existing somewhere between the real and unreal.

Dreams of Moving is a large scale ink drawing inspired by a recent trip across south america. It was drawn from photographs, memory and imagination, very soon after the journey as a way of recollecting thoughts and ideas about the experience of travelling. People and objects of different cultures fade like memories into the impossible labrinthine landscapes, which merge together along connecting pathways containing narrative. Images repeat and alter as I draw from my imagination, and create a dream-like world which touches on reality. They capture a sense of constant movement and change, and the fragility of people and the environment.

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