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Art Gallery of the Year 2021 - Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards


Judith Watson

Scarf - Pacifika, Elderberry & Barracuda

Merino Lambswool

Ref: 106877

25 x 160 cms


Judith Watson

With a strong interest in cultural crossovers - both historical and modern, derived in part by the rich mixing pot of her colonial ancestry and childhood adventures to foreign lands, inspiration for Judith's textiles often comes from snippets of history, momentous explorations and visual encounters.

Drawing on natural materials and the durability of objects, Judith enjoys juxtaposing seemingly opposing or disconnected elements to create new synergies whilst exploring the opportunity to give traditional practices a modern framework as a means to ensuring their continued relevance.

A subtle injection of humour and the promise of a hidden story also help to facilitate dialogue with some of her pieces. Working across multiple disciplines, including knit, felting carpet making, embroidery, print and photography, Judith's portfolio comprises art, interiors and fashion.

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Art Gallery of the Year 2021: Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards
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