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Summer Serenade

Ali Tomlin

Single Stem Vase - Orange


Ref: 129662


Ali Tomlin

Ali has long had a love of drawing and designing, inspired by the energy of random lines or marks, whether from a sketch, painting, found on stones or peeling paint. She enjoys how a simple line or mark can completely alter a piece.

Ali's work is a collection of thrown, uncluttered porcelain forms. Ali throws and turns the pieces to a fine finish, which when left unglazed gives the porcelain a paper-like, tactile quality. This encourages the hand to follow the lines and shape of the forms and feel the indentations made by the markings. Her use of stains, oxides and slips, and techniques such as splashing or sponging away areas and inlaying lines, aim to create imperfect and unpredictable marks.

Ali enjoys working on the wheel, a process that captures the sense of movement and spontaneity, while her palette of strong but muted colours creates a sense of calm.

"I like to leave some of the porcelain white, giving me a clean canvas to play with marks, lines and texture."

Ali is based near Farnham.

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