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Summer Serenade

Sarah Kirby

Picking (framed)


Ref: 127189

70 x 54 cms


Sarah Kirby

Sarah is an artist and printmaker based in Leicester, in the heart of the East Midlands. Since graduating from a Fine Art Degree in 1984, she has been working as a professional printmaker producing work for her portfolio, commercial illustrations and private commissions.

Summer evenings spent walking through the Botanic Gardens of Cambridge with her father on the way to their allotment paved the way for Sarah's enduring fascination with plants and old buildings. Since then, Sarah has had a deep appreciation for the way we value and order the spaces we create, which has served as a continual reference and subject matter for her work.

Much of Sarah's work explores how buildings are imbued with meaning as a consequence of repeated use across different generations; how they acquire emotional significance for local inhabitants; and how they become repositories of memory.

In recent years Sarah has looked deeper into the emotional and historical importance of gardens, green spaces and the countryside, within which buildings often play a key role. Plants, gardens and her own allotments are very close to her heart, not only serving as her inspiration but also a source of comfort.

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