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Anna Collette Hunt


Anna Collette Hunt uses clay to create vivid worlds you can step into. They may be universes or they may be mere fragments, it depends on how much she chooses to reveal. Anna tells whimsical stories and invents legends to illustrate the ceramic pieces. The scenes and compositions captured upon the surfaces speak of historic grandeur and past traditions whilst on closer inspection whisper darker sentiments delicately into your ear.

The curiously odd ceramics radiate her preoccupation with historic houses for their excessive decoration, opulence, and obsessive natural history collections and specimens. Anna collects characters from such places; it could be a statue, a piece of furniture or a pattern. Drawings of these elements are playfully translated onto the clay. Scale and setting is often distorted to keep the images fresh and stimulating. Visual depth is achieved through the many layers of colours, markings and transfers that are fired upon the ceramic surface.

Alongside her two dimensional collection of illustrative ceramics Anna creates large scale installations. The first was called Stirring the Swarm which was unveiled at Nottingham Castle in 2012. After studying Nottingham's entomology collections she was inspired to write a fairy tale in which the specimens mysteriously came back to life. This story was then fabricated with clay, creating a swarm of 10,000 ceramic insects which infested the castle. The audience were able to step into her fable, engaging with both the story and the sinister beauty of the installation. This piece is also supported by an IPhone/Pad App, Stirring the Swarm.

Anna Collette Hunt

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