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Martin & Dowling


We have been carving together for the past eleven years, and this body of work is our most radical shift. It's shocking to us that we've made work like this, and certainly not what anyone who knows our work expects.

We wanted to cut carving back to the core, to strip it of finish, and even give up our carving style and its well-known surfaces. Strangely, the figure seemed the right vehicle to give us this freedom.

For once, we are making work that doesn't come from anywhere but the heart. For once, it also seems right to talk of inspiration rather than influence or borrowing.

In the world tradition of carving, figures have always had a central place. Using the figure immediately connects to this tradition, and to everyone's personal experience. Many of our larger pieces over the past decade have in any case had some kind of figurative reference, and we wanted to make this more direct.

We hope these pieces form an interesting counterpoint to our better known vessels, the same interests carried on by different means.

Gaynor Dowling-Born 1965, educated at Nene College of Art and Design, Northampton, and Cumbria College of Art & Design

Malcolm Martin-Born 1959, educated at Bath Academy of Art, Corsham, Wiltshire and the Royal College of Art, London.

Martin & Dowling

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