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Justin Cooke

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Justin Cooke - Stadfesta

Justin Cooke


Oil on Canvas

Ref: 45479

105 x 86 cms


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Justin Cooke

"The Landscape around the area in which I live is littered with marks and patterns. Some may be prehistoric; henges and enclosures, others medieval; in the form of field patterns and strip lynchetts. The patterns made by modern agriculture be it through ploughing or the mowing of hay seem to echo some of these older designs as they too follow the form of the landscape and it's geology. A whole history is recorded in these fields and hills, much of it now forgotten but occasionally revealed again to us, when the light is low and the grasses parched.

It is interesting to me that my paintings develop in the same way. Underlying marks are often covered, then scratched back through and revealed again. In this way my paintings reflect the same process. Marks and pathways on my paintings are also built up over time. Some of the older ones still show, others are lost but they all play a part in developing the finished effect. In this way I hope that my paintings also hold a memory of this landscape. For me it is also a personal one, as it is the landscape of my childhood.

Overall though it is a universal memory I can see. It is about our place in the landscape and noticing that others too have witnessed it. Their history is reflected in it and so is ours, it is a timeless link. I do like to think that the henge builder, the medieval farmer, generations children and their dogs (of which I was one), are all part of this memory. I can't help but feel sometimes that there is a particular bond that links us all through time, it is a collective memory and now I am part of it myself."

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