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Fenella Mallalieu


Fenella's main interest in ceramics lies in combing generous, expansive forms with rich organic colour. Although her work has developed over the last twenty years, she is still drawn to the same particular materials - lead glazes and an earthenware body - and to making ceramics for daily use.

Fenella loves to throw , taking pleasure in the immediacy of the process and the fluidity of the material when wet. She enjoys making wide bowls of all sizes, cups and saucers and fat- bellied shapes such as jugs and teapots. The bowls are distorted with two or three folds in the rim, made when the clay is still very soft. Over the years her palette of glazes has expanded from 3 or 4 very simple ones (originating from the Tang period) to now include around 10 colours; These reflect a lifelong love of the Mediterranean, specifically the parched brown lands and blue skies of Greece.

This new body of work reflects a recent stay in the tea plantation hills of southern India, where every view contains a dozen shades of green, each subtly different yet startlingly intense.
"Close up a tea bush looks like any other hedge, but from a distance they tumble over mountain slopes and make the land look like a variegated carpet has been draped over surfaces filled with air; a sort of green marshmallow land which I found wholly beguiling."

Please note: The glazes on these green 'tea plantation' pots do contain copper and therefore should not be used for food.

Fenella Mallalieu

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