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David Brammeld-Art


David Brammeld, a distinguished artist based in Staffordshire, boasts a rich and diverse portfolio spanning various mediums, from graphite to oil, capturing the essence of both urban landscapes and natural scenery. With a career marked by accolades and years of experience, David explores the narratives concealed within the urban environment, unraveling the untold stories harbored by derelict structures and abandoned spaces. His keen eye for detail and appreciation of natural forms, particularly evident in his depictions of trees during the stark beauty of autumn and winter, underpins his artistic philosophy, revealing a profound fascination with the interplay between strength and beauty inherent in the natural world.

David's artistic endeavors extend beyond the confines of his studio, as he actively engages with the artistic community through his role as an experienced art tutor and workshop leader. His commitment to sharing his expertise underscores a passion for nurturing artistic talent and fostering a deeper understanding of the creative process.

His exhibits in galleries both nationally and internationally. Membership in prestigious artistic societies such as the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA), Société de Pastellistes de France (SPDF), and Pastel Society UK (PS) underscores David's standing within the artistic community, affirming his dedication to advancing the art form and engaging with fellow practitioners on a global scale.

David Brammeld-Art

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