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Susie Prangnell


When Susie Prangnell works with pastels, she feels the stick in her hand and hears the sound of pigment hitting the paper, creating a fine dust. Her process is meditative, allowing connections to emerge as she listens to the materials. She aims to capture both the likeness and the character of her subjects, achieved through careful lighting and rapport-building conversations.

Susie's artistic journey has been largely self-taught, with inspiration drawn from other artists' life stories and works. Her pieces often reflect her interests in maps, landscapes, current events, and personal experiences. Soft pastels are her preferred medium, offering the flexibility to explore themes of fragility, resilience, tension, and balance.

She works intuitively, incorporating memories, sketches, and imagination into her process. There's an openness to where each piece may lead, allowing for an organic evolution of her work.

Susie Prangnell

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