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Jaana Fowler


Born in Helsinki, Jaana Fowler moved to the UK in the 1970s to pursue her studies in Art, culminating in a Bachelor of Arts with Honours from St Martin's School of Art.

Her process revolves around pastel on collage compositions, evolving through meticulous stages. Initially, she arranges elements until shapes and subjects emerge. She may then disassemble and reconfigure the image until the design harmonises. Subsequently, Jaana delineates primary directions and blocks with a pencil, overlaying them with soft oil pastels to introduce colour and texture. Further drawing and pastel application refine the composition, adjusting the flow and rhythm as necessary.

The enduring theme of still life pervades Jaana's work, influenced by her contemplation of paintings and sculptures spanning from antiquity to contemporary times. Everyday objects feature prominently, observed both in external artworks and within her own domestic environment. She seeks to uncover visual intrigue within these subjects, striving to construct visually cohesive images.

Jaana Fowler

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