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Charlotte Smith


Charlotte crafts intricate, artisan jewellery, fusing enamel to precious metal to produce richly textured, miniature, wearable treasures.

From her 200-year-old nail-maker's cottage in the West Midlands, Charlotte carries on a long-standing local tradition of women making from home, except rather than forging iron, Charlotte transforms precious metal into her unique, enamelled jewels. Inspired by a mundane moment laundering her daughter's T-shirt, her 'Sequin' collection was developed around family life.

Incorporating multiple, handcrafted and enamelled sequins which are eventually sewn together, her jewellery honours not just her role as a female maker but also deeply respecting the past and the value of time itself. The silver surfaces are engraved by hand by Charlotte, to catch the light, before firing them multiple times in a kiln to produce a shimmering transparent colour.

Making, for Charlotte, is a revolutionary act in a fast-paced world, forcing her to slow down to carefully consider every mark made on the metal and grain of enamel laid. Her making process is deliberately labour intensive and detailed. It is important to Charlotte to let things take the time they take, to get them right and to really appreciate each stage of her making process.

Charlotte Smith

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