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Alessandra Centorbi

Alessandra Centorbi

Tile - Of Atacama: Manzanilla


Ref: 108489

9 x 9 x 1 cms


Alessandra Centorbi

Alessandra's a South American artist whose practice is based around the representation of the Andes culture, in South America. She analyses different types of indigenous Pre Columbian cultures and takes them one step forward in time to produce neo-Pre Columbian pieces of work. Her passion for technology and ancient art helps create a language full of symbolism and history, which are portrayed on ceramics and illustrations. She questions colonialization, race and culture within her work, where culture would be if colonialism wouldn't have happened, where are we now and where are we heading to. Her work consists of ceramics and sculpture mostly decorated with a limited colour palette and a collection of motives that come together to tell a story about Los Andes and different ways of living.

Alessandra is based in Nottinghamshire.

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