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Rachael Plassard


Rachael Plassard was introduced to jewellery making from an early age, as she followed in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother who are both studio jewellers. When she was young, her grandmother would entertain her by giving her a bag of mixed sequins and an old paint pallet, and she would sit for hours sorting the sequins by colour and shape, arranging them into different patterns.

Having explored many different creative paths including music, art and dance, she found herself spending more and more time creating jewellery, especially working on bespoke pieces for herself and friends, often developing interesting and unusual ideas for dramatic statement pieces. Immersing herself for an intense week on a course at West Dean College she realised that designing and making was a passion she was ready to put all her energy into. She then spent the following two years training with her mother in her workshop and doing short courses at Central st Martins and Morley college, helping to further develop her design skills and introduce her to a wide range of techniques.

Rachael now works from her London studio where she creates each piece using traditional craftsmanship, focussing on producing simple and delicate repeated designs, as well as graceful bespoke pieces. Her current collection consists of a series of decorative pieces of jewellery inspired by the spiral, a shape with strong feminine associations and one that is found in so many areas from natural growth patterns to architectural detail. These designs are made by forging wire from silver to create delicate spirals in sections which are then cast, manipulated and made into a collection of pieces which are beautiful to the eye and timeless in style.

Rachael Plassard

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