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Faye Hall


The concept of Faye's practice focuses on exploring surface contrasts using materials which are sourced as sustainably as possible. She aims to make accessories that oppose the fast fashion culture by creating pieces that will not only last a lifetime but also utilise scrap, undercelebrated and recycled materials. The limitation of using predominantly discarded, found or donated material pushes her to discover combinations that she may not have chosen if she could select the materials herself. In addition to this, she has also been exploring hand casting her own sections using other 'kind' materials such as discarded wood ash, tree resin, bio resin, extracted sawdust and agar.

Colour interaction is important and intriguing for her, and she likes to juxtapose materials not only in terms of their surface and weight qualities but also how the colours react to each other. Embroidery and flock allow her to add detail in small sections but also serve as a functional joining method. This double purpose is an element of creating her work that she aims to explore further.

Faye is based in West Yorkshire.

Faye Hall

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