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Kaya Cohen


Kaya Cohen makes wearable objects that address anxiety by giving the wearer a space to engage with their body, making it (and by extension their mind) a safe place to inhabit and be vulnerable. Acknowledging the body's form using ambiguous, dynamic designs invites the wearer in a dialogue, encouraging experimental wear and engaging with the body via the object.

There's a vital element of validation in how her objects fit with and visually reference the body that lend a sense of mutual validation between body and object, giving one another agency. Her work has a refined unrefined quality that echoes the quality of line in my drawn work, which is as much a part of the process for her as the objects themselves.

Kaya Cohen creates mixed media jewellery that aims to support wearers with anxiety. 'My collection acknowledges the body's form using ambiguous, dynamic forms and materials. My jewellery invites the wearer into a dialogue, offering experimental wear, which encourages engagement with themselves via the object,' says Cohen.

Kaya Cohen

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