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Hannah Staber

Hannah Staber



Ref: 104679

14 x 18 cms


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Hannah Staber

Hannah's work is concerned with the relationship between humans and the natural environment; how we collect, curate, imitate, and interpret parts of nature in art and what it means to be both part of the natural environment, yet inherently separate from it.

She is influenced by the exuberant and diverse textures and organic patterns that emerge from natural growth along with the juxtaposition of chaos and symmetry in nature.

She expresses this through rich surfaces acquired by layering glazes and altering the thrown form. Understanding glaze chemistry is an important part of her practice; she mixes and extensively tests all glazes herself in order to attain a range of colours and effects when applied and layered. All pieces are thrown on the wheel and altered at different stages of the drying process. She likes to utilise the materiality of the clay, pushing it to (and sometimes beyond) its limits to achieve a balance between control and chaos.

Recently she has been exploring the form of chalices and goblets and working on linking this culturally rich, symbolic vessel shape with the organic and unrefined, expressing the intricate, linked, yet disjointed relationship between the human-made and the natural, and what it means for humans to make art inspired by the natural environment.

Hannah is based in Surrey.

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