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Eve Campbell


2018 BA (Hons) Textile Design, Glasgow School of Art

Eve specialises in print and creates designs inspired by Scottish nature and architecture. She works on creating printed designs that capture the transient nature of surface and form on Scotland's west coast. She studies small areas that could be described as a hinterland and areas on the brink of survival.

On the boundary between the shore and the land we experience Scottish 'tundra' with lichens and mosses growing on rocks and plants with a delicate intricacy, demonstrating a resiliency to survive and thrive. Eve has captured these microcosms of colour, pattern, shape and texture of 'anti-fragile pioneers' throughout her collection. She creates surface pattern that is designed to exist in man made environments and brings nature as an abstract form to peoples lives.

Eve's prints are created through developing techniques and paper stenciling skills. Eve works her prints as if they were an extension of her sketchbook and drawings. Through paper stencilling and colour mixing she is able to approach printing in a spontaneous manner, creating one-off designs. Eve experiments with large scale printing and explores different materials such as clay and concrete.

Eve is based in Argyll.

Eve Campbell

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