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Georgia Buck


2016 3D Design-Designer Maker, Plymouth University

Georgia designs and makes functional tableware and enjoys the idea of people becoming ergonomically attached to her ceramics.

Georgia has a modern take on the old Japanese technique of Nerikomi - pigments are mixed into wet clay, integrating the colour throughout rather than painting it onto the surface. Different coloured clays are layered and compressed to construct a solid block with a pattern running through the inside. The design is revealed when the block is sliced in a cross section. She attaches the patterned clay as handles or spouts onto thrown bodies such as mugs, jugs etc.

As much as her work is contemporary and striving to turn heads, Georgia wants it to feel humble and personal. Good quality craftsmanship, tactility and great design is at the heart of her making. She designs to last; strongly believes in sustainable living and hopes that her products will be cherished and used by many generations.

Georgia is based in Plymouth.

Georgia Buck

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