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Matthew Draper


Matthew Draper, an Edinburgh-based artist, has garnered acclaim for his captivating depictions of the British Isles' landscapes, crafted with the medium of chalk pastel. With a training background from Walsall College of Art and Falmouth College of Arts in the early 1990s, Draper has spent over three decades exhibiting his work extensively across the UK. Regarded as a leading figure in his field, Draper's artistry is characterised by its emotive depth and atmospheric allure, drawing viewers into the essence of his native surroundings.

Embracing the title of a draughtsman, Draper's artistic process is marked by an intense immediacy, eschewing meticulous planning in favor of intuitive creation. He employs a tactile approach, crushing soft pastels and applying them in sweeping motions onto the paper, layering colors to evoke the nuances of light and landscape. Influenced by the romantic contemplation of nature found in the works of eighteenth and nineteenth-century painters like Caspar David Friedrich, Draper infuses his creations with a sense of transcendent beauty and emotional resonance.

His oeuvre transcends mere topographical representation, aiming instead to convey the emotive essence of the scenes he portrays. Draper's works, found in private, corporate, and public collections across the UK and abroad, serve as poignant reflections of fleeting moments and transient experiences. As a professional member of esteemed artistic societies such as the Pastel Society UK and Visual Arts Scotland, Draper continues to leave an indelible mark on the contemporary art scene, his art serving as timeless testaments to the British landscape.

Matthew Draper

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