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Judit Patkos


Judit Patkos is an emerging designer-maker who creates unique, hand crafted silver and enamel jewellery featuring strong shapes, colours and graphic patterns. She takes pleasure in discovering new possibilities in working with enamel by creating tactile and organic surface patterns combined with intense colours inspired by abstract forms of art.

In her collection called 'Splash!' she developed a technique where she uses a few layers of jewellery enamel as base coats, and splashes or splatters liquid form enamel on top by controlling the brush strokes as well as the consistency of the enamel, and allowing the enamel to form interesting patterns on the base layers. After firing this layer/pattern, she adds other elements or colours selected areas using transparent jewellery enamel. For this collection she doesn't pre-plan the enamel designs, but she develops each piece instinctively while she works on it, gradually building up the pattern layer by layer. All her enamel pieces are completely unique artworks that either stand alone or are incorporated into her crisp and modern silver jewellery designs.

Through her work she aims to promote the beauty of enamelling elevated to an up-to-date, contemporary level, as well as to create modern and wearable jewellery pieces.

Judit Patkos

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Art NPO of the Year 2023 - South England Prestige Awards
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