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Olivia Pilling


Olivia sees the process of collage as though it were a jigsaw. The process is similar to how she approaches painting a picture; out of spontaneous and vivid brushstrokes an image emerges.

Olivia hand paints pieces of paper using different colours in quite slap dash way. It doesn't need to be neat as this is when she get the most interesting combinations of colours. Left with sheets of paper that are covered in streaks of colour and tone and pattern, full of delightful randomness and spontaneity, she then selects and cuts shapes, carefully building up the image. As with painting, the shadow and tone are considered throughout the process, deconstructing the image into its purest form of colour, shape and form.

Drawn to subject matter that is quite banal and ordinary, Olivia aims to bring focus to the simple things in life that we might overlook, and celebrate the beauty of their colour and texture.

Olivia Pilling

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