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Kathryn Green

Kathryn Green - Scarf - Patagonia Collection

Kathryn Green

Scarf - Patagonia Collection

Textiles with Shibori Processes

Ref: 96005

225 x 70 cms


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Kathryn Green

Kathryn Green has lived a life of contrasts and contradictions.

She is drawn to old objects and ancient landscapes, yet carves her own path in the modern world; she relishes the vibrancy of city life, but yearns for the simplicity that the natural world offers.

Kathryn has a restlessness to seek out new places and is widely-travelled, yet is happy with the security and comfort of home. Sometimes her adventures have taken her to new and different places where, at times, she has felt fearful - but she has an inner strength to meet life's challenges.

Such contradictions are reflected in Kathryn's work - splashes of colour against a monochrome background, circles alongside squares, minute detail in an immense space. The contrasts found in the natural world have a deep influence on her designs - the quiet creeks hidden along the rough shores of Cornwall, the lonely flowers in the vast pampas of Patagonia, the delicate textures carved into a craggy rock face.

We all have our own contradictions, hidden weaknesses and hidden strengths: none of us is what we may seem to other people - scratch beneath the veneer and you will find a different perspective, a different person.

Kathryn's work is a journey through these layers of life, a look beyond the surface.

Her scarves are pieces to be worn as visual statements, but each design tells a deeper story based on Kathryn's life of paradoxes. She is the sum of her experiences, but she leaves it to the wearer to tell the tale: to weave their own narrative into the yarn.

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